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Welcome to Advanced Dental Artistry, leading provider of restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Perth. Here at Advanced Dental Artistry, we have assembled a uniquely qualified team to take care of every aspect of the complex and challenging fields of cosmetic, reconstructive, neuromuscular and implant dentistry. Led by our principal dentist Dr Adrian Kat, our in-house team is a group of experienced and passionate people who will dutifully assist you in every step of your dental journey.

The ADAP Experience

The great thing about Advanced Dental Artistry is that you can complete your entire cosmetic dental treatment in one location in a relaxed and tranquil environment. Our personal approach and emotional investment in our work means we understand the anxieties of our patients, as dentistry of this nature can be quite daunting! Not only does it change facial aesthetics, but it can also make a significant difference in the function of your teeth. As such, we appreciate that procedures of this nature are a big decision and life investment.

What’s Changed in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Did you know that your teeth are only biologically designed for 50 years? In terms of human history this is a fairly normal life span. However, these days we tend to live a great deal longer, which means we expect our teeth to carry on with us. Thankfully, modern implant dentistry has evolved to help us with this extended lifespan, creating a range of restorative techniques which have continued to grow in sophistication. Here at ADAP, we embody the very best and most up-to-date techniques in the exciting world of cosmetic dentistry.


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Dr Adrian Kat at Advanced Dental

Dr Adrian Kat

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Dr Tanya Kat

Dr Tanya Kat

Tanya has a beautiful calm presence that every environment needs. Read More

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Dental Phobia Podcast - 6PR

Dental phobias and anxieties are very common, they result in people often avoiding the dentist and not maintaining their oral health. Sometimes so much so that things deteriorate to the point that they need a whole new set of teeth!

Recently Dr Adrian was a guest on the Simon Beaumont radio show 6PR Perth where they discussed some of the reasons for dental phobias, anxiety management, sedation and answered questions from listeners.

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