We attract amazing humans!

We value our team beyond words as we work together to provide the best service and treatment we possibly can and magnify our collective impact.

What gets us out of bed


We’re driven by the special impact our work has on our patients.


We build rich connections as a team through our shared vision and meaningful work.


We are a dynamic team who utilise the personal and professional development opportunities available to us.


Our workplace is an understanding, judgment free environment. We support each other like family.

Fun 😉

We’re a social bunch and working with us means dancing, laughter and plenty of valuable social opportunities.

Perks and all the good stuff!


Every weekend is a long weekend at ADA. We don’t work Fridays… ever! That’s right, our team work as efficiently as possible through the week so we can all enjoy Friday’s off. Use your Fridays as you like!


We know the invaluable nature of financial stability. That’s why we offer industry leading salaries, bonus pools and amazing opportunities to grow and develop.

Health & wellness

We spend a lot of time at work, so why not make it a place of comfort and convenience? We work hard to provide spaces that enable the health and wellbeing of our team. Sauna, ice bath, work out area, meditation room, electric scooters for lunch runs, oh and of course end of week drinks!

Professional development

We’re all about pushing ourselves and growing in both a professional and a personal capacity. That’s why we offer and encourage ample opportunity for personal development, and growth both individually and as a team and allow time off for study.

Give back

Giving back and helping others is a big part of who we are as a team. We work closely with Smile Koomba to provide dentures to West Australians who do not have access to denture treatment!



We apply a Progressive Philosophy in all that we do. We encourage new ideas and sharing views, being courageous and taking things to the next level. We pride ourselves on being leaders in our field.


We go Above & Beyond in the level of care that we give to our clients and team – in how we talk, how we act and the decisions we make.


We strive to create Defining Moments by giving space, empathy and support for others and celebrating their success and achievements.

Join our family

We’re always on the lookout for talented humans to join us on our journey. We employ a diverse range of roles across:

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If you are interested in a role that isn’t available please still reach out to us/send through your deets!

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