Meet Jake

Jake was young when he first came to see us, too young to receive the dental implants he needed. Temporary veneers saw him through until he was old enough to receive dental implants and now his new smile is complete, he’s regained his confidence and the functionality of his front teeth.

“Having a permanent solution to my damaged teeth is amazing.”

The Treatment

  • An accident left Jake with two very badly damaged front teeth.
  • It’s best practice to wait until the jaw bone has stopped growing (early 20s) before placing dental implants.
  • Natural coloured veneers blended his teeth with the implants for a completely natural looking smile.

The Impact

  • Regained functionality of the front teeth which are important for biting and speaking.
  • Implants have provided a permanent solution as opposed to ongoing patch up work.
  • His new smile has enabled Jake to regain his confidence and cheeky grin!