FAQs about All-On-Four

As such, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 frequently asked questions we get at Advanced Dental Artistry Perth regarding All-On-Four dental implants… (post continues below the video)

1. How long does the All-On-Four procedure take?

Typically, you can have a new smile within 2-4 weeks of the initial consultation! However, depending on your situation, we can now get your new smile fitted in a week. Read more on our express cosmetics page!

From complimentary first visit to discuss your options and price — to in-depth 3D analysis of mouth and face to ensure perfect smile creation — to treatment day, placing implants under sedation — to trial smile creation and alignment — to final adjustments and permanent placement.

New teeth in a matter of days….

Teeth can be loaded on to the implants just a few days after the operation that removes old teeth and places implants. This immediate loading is made possible by sharing the load of the arch across 4 strategically placed implants

2. Do you have payment plants?

At Advanced Dental Artistry, we have our own dedicated financial team who will assess your financial situation and help organise the best way forward for you. If you weren’t aware – you are able in most cases to access your superannuation early to pay for dental implants. Our team will be able to guide you through the application process without the need to go to a third party.

We understand that price is extremely important, and encourage our patients to do market research – However, always compare apples for apples! Consider the training and qualifications of your dentist and their team, and the dental artisans they use. Beware cheap overseas imitations!

3. How long does All-On-Four last?

Once bone integration has taken place, dental implants are a permanent solution and should remain in place for the rest of your life. The bridge (the teeth) however, do have a longevity. We offer a variety of bridges from ‘long term temporary’ bridges (up to 5 years) to more permanent bridges (15+ years).

With this very occasional changing of bridges, our patients happily enjoying their All-on-4 reconstruction for the rest of their lives, with only minor check-ups and hygienist cleans along the way.

4. Do I have to do top and bottom?

It is not always necessary to replace both top and bottom arches using All-On-4 technology. If one arch of natural teeth can be saved, we will always strive for this option

IF all teeth do require replacement, we do advise you do both at the same time – to help achieve optimal functionality and cosmetics by designing both halves’ of the bite as a whole. This also means the patient completes everything during one surgery visit.

Alternatively, some clients choose to combine All-on-4 with a traditional denture on the opposing arch. This is a great option for those who do not have adequate bone for implants on both arches, or for those who would like to reduce costs of a full reconstruction.

We will always discuss ALL available options with you, ensuring you know all of the pros and cons before making an education decision.

5. What is the first step?

Technically, our first step is always our complimentary initial consultation, to discuss options, prices, and any other information to help you make a well-informed decision moving forward.

The official first step of our All-On-Four procedure involves a digital ‘cloning’ of your smile. During this step, we commence…

– 3D scanning of your teeth and bone: to analyze where we are placing the implants to help best guarantee successful implant integration

– In-depth photo ‘smile design’ analysis of your face and mouth: aligning the unique symmetries of your mouth and smile to ensure we create a natural looking smile that suits your face

– Video analysis: priding ourselves on going the extra-mile to ensure perfection, we analyse video footage of your smile, to pick up on subtle smile mannerisms, ensuring your new smile feels and looks natural, and suits you perfectly.

6. What does the cost include?

At Advanced Dental Artistry Perth, we implement one ‘all-inclusive payment’ for our patient’s convenience. This cost covers the entire process, from planning, to the insertion of your new teeth a few days after surgery, right through to the rechecks, adjustments and x-rays – including your 3-month review.

Once we have received your scan and provided you with a quote for treatment, we will not change or add to this fee.
The only separate fee is that of our anaesthetist who will be taking care of you on the surgery day. Around 70% of that fee is covered by Medicare.

7. Do I get put to sleep?

Yes. At Advanced Dental Artistry, we are very proud to have an experienced in-house anaesthetist as part of our surgical team – to ensure maximum safety, quality and comfort when it comes to putting our patients under sedation or general anesthetic.

8. Do I bleed afterward? What is the pain like afterward?

Whilst our experienced anaesthetist and dental surgeons ensure a pain-free operation, as with any surgery you can expect some discomfort in the days following.

With All-On-Four implants, pain afterward is generally minimal, with little to no bleeding. In our experience, around 50% of patients do experience some swelling and just around 10 % will experience bruising.

To minimize discomfort, we will send you home with specialised analgesics (painkillers) to minimize discomfort over the next few days.

9. What if I have gum disease?

Gum disease is often the reason why tooth replacement is required.

Gum disease is when bacteria that live around teeth burrow into the bone around tooth-roots, causing deep pockets of gum recession. As gum disease advances, gum and bone around one or multiple teeth is lost – causing the roots of the teeth to be exposed and eventually for the tooth to become loose.

We treat patients with advanced gum disease for tooth loss very regularly, and providing there is still enough good bone remaining to place implants – we can still perform All-On-Four treatment effectively.

There is a conditional call Perioimplantitis, which is caused by the collection of bacteria around implants, but with great oral hygiene this can be easily prevented. We will provide you with everything you need and regular support to help you take care of your new teeth.

10. What do my bones have to do with the procedure?

Like with traditional implants, a certain level of jawbone structure is required to hold the dental implant in place – a bonding process referred to as “Osseointegration.”

Meaning patients with severe bone deterioration may not be eligible for dental implants, especially with traditional implants that only hold one tooth each.

With All-On-Four: due to the strategic placing of only 4 implants which share the load of an entire arch, there is a much greater chance we can find suitable jawbone structure and support during our initial 3D scanning of the mouth.

* * *

For more information about the All-On-Four service we offer at Advanced Dental Artistry Perth, please check out our All-On-Four page – remembering, all photos and videos on our website are of actual clients treated in our clinic. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further enquiries, or to arrange your free consultation!

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