Do you avoid smiling at work?


Avoiding networking opportunities?

It’s not what you know but who you know when it comes to building your career. If the thought of meeting new people – AKA needing to smile – makes your stomach churn, you may miss out on valuable connections.

Holding yourself back from a promotion?

Have you turned down a promotion because it meant more public speaking? Avoided applying for that dream role because of low confidence around your teeth? It’s simple: if you hold yourself back, your potential will always be compromised.

Struggling to be yourself at work?

When you are self-conscious, you can’t give people an authentic representation of who you are. This disconnect between your true self and how you present to the world gets in the way of how you express yourself and the way you’re perceived.


The more we speak to our patients, the more we realise just how much a smile can mean.

Hear from our patients about the impact they’ve noticed on their work and personal lives since their smile makeover… you’ll notice an inspiring theme!

Rizah, Indigenous Engagement Advisor

“Doing my job with a smile, that’s priceless!”

Donna, Logistics Manager

“It was time to put myself first.”

Greg, Finance CEO

“Now I can truly engage with my network.”

Colin, Truck Driver

“The pain made it hard to concentrate at work”

Bronwyn, School Teacher

“I was always thinking about hiding my teeth.”

Discover how a new smile can make a big impact.

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