What You Need To Know Before Opting For Sedation Dentistry


What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses injection or medication to help soothe the patients during certain dental procedures. Despite it being referred to as “sleep dentistry,” patients remain conscious throughout the process. However, you may not remember or be aware of any ongoing treatment due to the high level of drowsiness caused by the sedation.

Finding the right dentist

Making the wrong decision to opt for sedation dentistry procedures at non-specialized dentist can prove to be one of the most dangerous mistakes one can make! You need to understand the entire sedation procedure thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons. Have an in-depth talk with your dentist and get your dentist to go through your past medical records before agreeing to sedation therapy as sedation may not be suitable for everyone. Ask questions if you are unclear on anything. With a good dentist, it can protect your rights and safety. The more procedures the dentist has performed, the better.

Side effects

Remember to ask your dentist about the possible adverse reactions and side effects. Some of the side effects include dry mouth, hiccups, light headache, dizziness, nausea and even visual disturbances. This happens to patients once in a blue moon and it is a case-to-case basis on how severe the side effects can escalate. Ensure you are in good health before undergoing any sedation treatments.

If you have a bad cold or flu, postpone the sedation until you have recovered from it. Make sure you only do it when you are in good health as it can lead to further complications like dizziness or fainting. After the therapy, ensure you have someone available to fetch you home and take care of you for another 6 hours or so. Most sedation patients can return to their daily routines quickly.


Follow your dentist’s instructions regarding self-care before and after treatment. Do not hesitate to contact your dentists if you feel that you are experiencing side effects after the procedure, or still having a bad toothache after the dentist says you should have recovered.


The cost of dental sedation can vary depending on where you had it done. Take into consideration the training of your dentist and their team, the level of experience, the dental artisans they use, as well as the results that they can get for you. Generally, you can expect a higher quality of service for a higher fee and it is definitely worth it if you prefer to skip the pain during dental treatments.

There is no question that the popularity of sedation dentistry is on the rise and is a fantastic option for some people. Despite the agony from a bad toothache, not everyone is as courageous or ready to face their fear and sedation will be your answer. If you are interested in sedation therapy in the Perth area, contact Advanced Dental Artistry at (08) 6165 3888 for more information.

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