Why Patients Should Consider Taking a Holistic Approach towards Dental Hygiene


Mercury free practices

Mercury is the most poisonous and a naturally occurring substance on our planet. The fact is that mercury can directly or indirectly cause or exacerbate every health issue we will ever deal with. No amount of mercury is safe, not even one atom. Yet, silver amalgam contains about 26 percent mercury making it extremely dangerous. Chronic mercury poisoning is not a disease but an accumulative problem and it can poison you by releasing harmful vapours every step along the way.

Some of the symptoms of mercury poisoning include diarrhoea, depression, restlessness, chest pain and even respiratory problems. It is pertinent that dentists with a good level of experience can ensure safe removal of any previous mercury fillings and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Say no to fluoride

Fluoride is a compound that is abundant in the Earth’s crust. Fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay and cavity-forming acids. This makes fluoride an essential ingredient in toothpaste. Did you know that fluorosis is a condition characterized by permanent discoloration or pitting of tooth enamel is caused by fluoride? What’s more, fluoride can interfere with regular physiological and cognitive processes if swallowed. Make sure you speak to your dentist and ask for suggestions on the correct toothpaste to use if you have specific gum conditions.

Cultivate better dental care routines

You should cultivate the good dental care routines from the start. You should learn everything from proper brushing to flossing, in order to gain a healthier set of teeth and gums. Always seek for professional advice if you are unclear on anything that relates to your dental health. During a dentistry appointment, it is a good time for you to discuss and ask questions to clear any doubts. You will begin to realize the benefits of good oral cleanliness can go beyond a beautiful smile and pleasant breath.

Be able to analyse your own dental health better

Through this approach, you will also be able to gather information on your overall health history rather than merely viewing your oral ailments. This makes it safer and easier for you when you need to let your dentist understand about certain dental health conditions and its allergies. It is of utmost importance for patients with major medical disorders like heart diseases and high cholesterol to consult with their dentists as complications may arise if your dentist is unaware of the aforementioned.

If you don’t like the current shape of your teeth, you should consider going for cosmetic dentistry. At Advanced Dental Artistry, we are reputed for teaming up with state-of-the-art laboratories to give individuals the smiles they have been looking for.

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