Bevan – Missing teeth and decay

Bevan replaces all of his teeth with all on 4 implants


Full Mouth Reconstruction with Implants Retained Bridge

We met Bevan a year or so before he commenced surgery. When we first met, he had very few good teeth remaining and by the time we began surgery his last upper tooth had broken off. Bevan chose to take his time commencing treatment both for his family and financial reasons.

He’s been a truck driver all his life and has driven over 2 000 000 km throughout Australia! Because he’s spent so much time on the road, he hadn’t dedicated a lot of time to taking care of himself or his teeth. In the early stages of treatment, he was very distressed about his teeth; thankfully his daughter Carla was there to help manage the process.

Bevan had upper, and lower All-on-4 cosmetic implants and the change is incredible! Bevan was a cheery, chatty patient to have and an amazing storyteller. We loved helping him.

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