Chanel – Overcrowded teeth

overcrowded teeth after photo


Chanel is in her 20’s and works up North in the mining and resources sector. She came to see ADAP because she is getting married and is very self-conscious about her crooked teeth.

Main problems in cases like this is not just the crooked nature, but the height of the gums. When you look at front teeth before images, gums are at different height. Treatment therefore included gum lifts in order to get the gum height right. Planning is extremely important in these cases because during surgery you want to be as conservative as possible. Not taking too much tooth away when doing veneers. The idea is to do the most minimal and less intrusive preparation as is possible while still getting the best cosmetic result.

When you examine the teeth, you can see there are some corners of the teeth which are butterflied and kicked out. It was necessary to reduce those slightly to get the best result. Used porcelain veneers on the front 8 teeth, with our in house ceramist doing the shade matching of the teeth. You can see in the final result, especially the close up view, how delicate the veneers look.  They look very natural, with Chanel opting for a very light Hollywood colour. Her whitening did work out very well on her other teeth and she can pull white teeth off. Whiter than most cases, but she looks well and the colour suits her complexion and face.

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