Daniel – Missing back teeth

molar implants for Daniel at ADA


Daniel is in his early 50’s and is missing his back teeth. In fact, all his top back teeth are missing and chewing is very difficult. He only has 6 upper teeth, one on the top left hand side is snapped off at the gum. He has more lower teeth than upper teeth, hence the reason why he is only getting his upper teeth done. It is a fairly common problem that people use more teeth on one arch than the other. When this happens the teeth are compromised because naturally they have one side they can chew better on than the other. The teeth that have less stress on them break down faster. In Daniels case they are chipped, cracked and have gum disease and unfortunately cannot be saved.

The treatment plan was to remove all upper teeth and insert implants on the same day. On the second day was the trial visit where Daniel tested his new teeth. Making sure the fit, bite and cosmetics were correct. The video shows a strong reaction, how he felt and the comments he received after the treatment. Day 3 is the final fitting, very powerful reaction from Daniel and his wife on that day.

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