Jean – Multiple missing teeth

jean - before and after dental photos


Jean came to visit ADAP in May 2016, she is in her mid-60’s. Jean had major problems with her partial denture, 3 teeth missing on both the left and right-hand sides. On the right-hand side she had a canine tooth in the middle of those missing 3 teeth. She hada partial denture in her mouth, but it was causing her a lot of problems moving around and rubbing. Also, she was getting fungal problems around the denture.

Jean really wants the partial denture replacing. When you look into her mouth it is quite noticeable the missing teeth, especially on that left-hand side. This case was quite unusual because we used 3 methods to do the treatment. One was porcelain to improve her smile, porcelain bridges to replace the missing teeth on the right-hand side, but on the -hand side we were unable to do a bridge because the span was too long and there was too many teeth missing. Those that were remaining were unable to tolerate that sort of pressure and secondly there was not enough bone to have dental implants. The only option we had due to this lack of quality bone was to make a partial denture to replace those teeth. We did recommend a bone graft, but Jean did not want to go down that avenue.

When you look at Jeans result, you can see a combination case. On her right-hand side we have porcelain bridges, front teeth we have porcelain crowns and veneers, and on the left-hand side we have a very small partial denture to replace those 3 missing teeth. The partial has small springs on, which means 2 things; there are no wires seen in the mouth as springs replace the wires, and it is very small and a lot more comfortable which makes it a lot more easier to manage compared to the bigger and bulky partial she had before.

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