Kelly – Denture and gum disease

dental photos - denture and gum disease


Kelly is in her late 40’s and she came to see us for very compromised aesthetics. She had an upper partial denture replacing her front 4 teeth which had become compromised, she had to use dental adhesives to keep it in. One of the problems with partial dentures is they become loose over time. Patients use adhesive to hold things in place, one issue is they taste bad and another is they are hard to control with food and debris getting caught around them.

One of the problems with Kelly’s case is that she is also cosmetically comprised due to the front 4 teeth being missing and also on a plate. This means the area and bone around has actually shrunk, and the plate then starts to drop. On the lower you can also see that her teeth are almost an inverted curve, this is where the front teeth are much higher than the back teeth. When this happens it compromises the bite. We have an aesthetics issue here, and also have a bite issue. This is evident on the video when Kelly speaks, you see a lot of lower front teeth and very few lower back teeth. The smile is comprised and not level.

Patient was sedated by our in house anaesthetist Dr Anlynne. Most important thing with this case is that the patient did get swelling after treatment because this was quite major surgery and in this case Kelly did get some bruising on her lower right hand side. This usually lasts around 1-2 weeks. You can see after her one week check, that Kelly’s bruising had gone.

Ultimately with this case, aesthetically, the final result is a beautiful smile and her bite is perfect. Kelly bites on all of her teeth now, and phonetically she sounds and can pronounce words a lot clearer. Her pronunciation is important to emphasise, as when we are talking about teeth it is not just the aesthetics, smile and bite, but it is the phonetics and ensuring speech to clear.

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