Meet some of our wonderful patients and hear about what they’ve been up to since receiving treatment with Advanced Dental Artistry.

Meet Clint

We first met Clint in 2021. With only a few teeth remaining on both his upper and lower jaw and eating becoming a real challenge, Clint decided it was time to seek a permanent solution. The best option for him was upper and lower All-On-4, with Clint regaining a full set of teeth only 3 days after surgery.

It’s been great to catch up with Clint when he visits the clinic for his post-treatment hygiene appointments. He met his lovely partner, Georgia, 4 months after his All-on-4 surgery and she was a huge help in our photoshoot for this campaign, standing behind the camera and making Clint smile and laugh non-stop!

Meet Leonie

Leonie used to hide her vibrant personality, refusing to smile. Her one wish was to eat an apple again. We were able to restore Leonie’s teeth functionality back in 2021 with All-on-4 treatment. Placing four dental implants into the upper and lower jaw bones, with a fixed set of teeth, offered a permanent solution which allowed Leonie to get back to eating her favourite foods.

Now she looks forward to apple season, counting down the days until she can pick Granny Smith and Pink Delicious apples from the trees in her backyard and enjoy the unbeatable crunch right there on the spot.

Meet Toby

Toby wanted to have the perfect smile for his wedding in 2021. We were able to design and insert 10 porcelain veneers in time for his special day.

Our team were so excited for Toby and his wife, Lillee, and were overjoyed when they sent through the incredible pictures from their wedding. Two years on, Toby is a natural in front of the camera, taking plenty of family photos with Lillee and their kids, as well as suiting up to model his wedding suit for us!

Ready to get the smile you deserve?

Whether you want your smile restored for a special occasion, to eat your favourite foods again or simply laugh without hesitation, we can help craft your dream smile.

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