Meet Pet

Pet has always been an outgoing person who loves connecting with others – mad on sport and spending quality time with her family. She was ashamed of her teeth and often found herself avoiding taking photos.

Pet made the decision to have treatment at Advanced Dental Artistry after hearing Dr Adrian present an online webinar and feeling completely at ease by his compassionate tone and caring nature.

“My grandkids now love getting their photo taken with me”

The Treatment

  • Pet wanted to regain her confidence and smile again without hesitation.
  • All treatment options were considered but for Pet, All-on-4 aligned most closely with what she needed from her new smile.
  • All-on-4 dental implants were used to restore great function and beautiful aesthetics.

The Impact

  • Now even more outgoing than before (if thats possible!)
  • Loving capturing memories with family, especially the grandkids
  • Feeling great inside and out.