A Week in The Life of an All-on-4 Patient


Meet Rob.

Note: Prior to this week, Rob came in to the clinic to complete the ‘diagnostic phase’, where he got to know his dental technician, Patrick, and some of the team at Advanced Dental Artistry; whilst having his dental situation thoroughly examined over 3 meetings in preparation for the upcoming procedure.

Aside from the important analysis of Rob’s teeth, gums and facial structure to design the perfect new smile – we consider the building of a trusting and comfortable relationship as an integral part of what can be a life-changing operation.

Treatment Week

MONDAY – Surgery Day!

This is the big day… approximately 5 hours is needed to firstly extract any existing teeth, and then strategically place the 4 titanium implants in to the jawbone, from which an entire arch of teeth will be anchored.

Rob was sedated in the theatre by our in-house anaesthetist, Rob was sedated in the theatre by our in-house anaesthetist, Terence, who kept him comfortable throughout the operation. Once the procedure was complete, Rob awoke feeling a little sleepy and slightly numb. Terence gave additional pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the possibility of pain and swelling, before Rob’s wife Gina took him home to rest.

WEDNESDAY – Try-in Appointment

At 11am, Rob returned to the clinic for his first look at his new smile! Using the diagnostic records collected by Patrick prior to surgery day, we were able to create a ‘wax mock-up’ of Rob’s new teeth, which we attached to the implants today for a test run.

As much for Rob as it was for us, this smile-trial gave him an opportunity to see how his new smile would look (it can be quite daunting to have such a drastic change to your appearance), and gave us an opportunity to collaborate with Rob on testing the cosmetics, functionality of bite, and comfort of positioning – and make any necessary amendments.

THURSDAY – New Smile Day!

Taking in to consideration all Rob’s initial diagnostic records, and the adjustments from yesterday’s trial, our in-house ceramist has created a bridge of natural looking new teeth, perfectly designed to suit Rob’s mouth, facial structure and smile.

This bridge is fixed to the dental implants planted on treatment day, and Rob walked out of our clinic with a brand new, confidence boosting smile – just 4 days and 3 visits from the start of Treatment Week.

As experts in All-on-4 dental implant procedures, one thing that we are quite proud to be able to GUARANTEE is that all our patients, including Rob, walk out of our clinic smiling!

Rob returned the following week to have his portrait photos taken and receive hygiene instructions.

Inspired by Rob’s story? For more information on All-on-4 dental implant solutions, contact Advnced Dental Artistry Perth today to arrange a complimentary first consultation.

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