That shiny new engagement ring doesn’t quite match your smile


The thought of dental treatment and perfecting that smile for the millions of photographs, guests and husband to be, can be quite daunting…. combined with other stresses like; hair and makeup, what band to book, and Grandma Cheryl’s allergy to gluten –  taking care of yourself tends to get pushed down the list of priorities.

Achieving your ideal smile with cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening

People often question if achieving an ideal smile before their nuptials will be a long, drawn out process. The thought of countless hours in a dentist chair when time is so precious can be deterring. The good news is we live in a NOW world! If you see your dentist regularly for scheduled clean and maintenance appointments, whitening can be done relatively quickly, with in-chair and take home options available.

Maybe your concern is we can’t whiten your teeth because there are other things happening in your mouth that may need attention first? Whilst this may set us back a little in our timeline to reaching your whitening goal, we will do our utmost to accommodate, and give you the best smile possible in time for that walk down the aisle. Check out Diya’s before and after’s below; she had a combination of porcelain veneers and whitening before her big day.

Click here to see Diya’s full case study.

As a starting point, we offer free consultations. These lead to new patient examinations and fully written treatment plans, which include a comprehensive breakdown of what happens at each appointment, costs, and a timeline. We also offer all our treatments in the one location, either West Perth or Morley, so no bouncing between different dentists at different locations.  Not so daunting hey!?

So let us help you match that sparkly diamond with a set of beautiful pearly whites for your special day. Appointments are easy to make, simply call 1800 SMILING to speak to one our lovely treatment coordinators, or complete the contact us form and will we get back to you.

Rebekah Brown

Advanced Dental Artistry Morley

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