What materials are used for dental implants?


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What are dental implants made of? Is it safe to have metal fixed into your mouth?

Having any foreign objects fixed into your body definitely raises lots of questions.

If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you’ll probably want to know what’s being put in your mouth – what are they made of? Are they safe?

Over the years at Advanced Dental Artistry, we’ve heard many questions from patients about the safety of the materials used in dental implants.

To put it very briefly, dental implants are made of medical-grade materials that are safe for your dental health.

But maybe you want to know more…

Manufacturers make their dental implant products from a variety and combination of materials.

Some have even made metal free dental implants, such as the Nobel Pearl, Straumann Ceramic Implant Systems and Zeramax implants, as alternative options to the commonly used titanium alloy version.

What’s the difference? Let’s break it down…

  • Titanium alloy implants
    • This material is used in the rod part of the implant, which fuses with your jawbone. It’s installed at the site of your missing tooth, acting as the root of your new tooth.
    • Due to its anti-corrosive properties, biocompatibility with the human body and ability to physically bond with bone, titanium is the most commonly used metal for dental implants.
    • Because titanium implants have now been used for over half a century, we’ve also been able to accurately measure the longevity and success of implants in various patients.
  • Ceramic (zirconia) implants
    • This material is sometimes used in place of titanium alloy, becoming the root of your new tooth as it integrates with your jawbone.
    • Similar to titanium in terms of biocompatibility and ability to fuse with bone.
    • Because it is a naturally white material, zirconia is sometimes preferred to give a more natural aesthetic.
    • However, there have been fewer clinical tests with zirconia as opposed to titanium.
  • Porcelain
    • Porcelain is used for the crown and is shaped to resemble your natural tooth in both look and colour. It’s attached to the screw that secures it to the root/rod of the implant.
  • Carbon-fibre
    • This material is often used as the internal screw that attaches your porcelain crown to the titanium or ceramic rod embedded in your jaw.

Nobel Biocare dental implants

At Advanced Dental Artistry, we use dental implants from Nobel Biocare, a world leader of dental implants and related products since 1965.

They are at the forefront of innovation in the dental industry, creating superior implant technology with over 50 years of research behind their designs.

With the design of the Nobel Biocare TiUnite surface proven to have an estimated survival rate of more than 99% after one year, and 95.1% after ten years at the implant level, the success of titanium Nobel Biocare implants is unmatched.

Backed by a wealth of clinical research, we put our complete trust in their products.

You too can rest assured of your significant investment into your dental health due to their incredible success rate.

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