Sleep Dentistry

Patient’s experiencing some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist is not uncommon. For some, their fear of the chair is so profound that they will avoid the dentist altogether. By not visiting the dentist, however, they run the risk of irreversible oral deterioration. Of course, aside from fear of general dental experiences, there are some procedures that could strike fear into anyone’s hearts. Procedures like dental implant surgery are intimidating treatments that even the most stoic of us would prefer to experience under sedation. This is called sleep dentistry, and this is a service we offer to our patients at Advanced Dental Artistry.

Is truly painless dental treatment possible?

Of course, local anaesthesia can numb the targeted area, but for those who would prefer to be blissfully unaware, sleep dentistry is a viable option. Advanced Dental Artistry is one of the few dental practices authorised to provide “sleep dentistry”.

In addition to the usual local anaesthesia, sleep dentistry involves the use of an intravenous sedative that induces a state of twilight consciousness. In this state the patient is conscious enough to understand simple requests by the clinical team; however, they will have no memory of the experience. Apart from providing a much more comfortable experience, sleep dentistry also allows us to complete more work in a single chair visit than would usually be possible with local anaesthesia.

In-house anaesthesia

Here at Advanced Dental Artistry, we are fortunate enough to have a highly experienced and professional in-house team. Unlike other dental practices, we are equipped with everything you need for your treatment. There’s no need for visits to other practices or liaising with businesses far away. We have two qualified anaesthetists at our practice, Dr Annlynn and Dr Terence. They will guide you through the sleep dentistry process and are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Dental Phobia

However, we really don’t want you to have to put your oral health on the line because of your fear of the dental practice. We want to do everything we can to ease your anxiety and make your dental visits as stress-free as possible. Many of our Perth patients have benefited from Advanced Dental Artistry’s sedation dentistry and no longer have the same fear that kept them from our practice for so long.

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